Our Services

Our Services


Planning Your Project

We offer several service, material, and program options to help you to plan your project that will achieve your project requirements and creative vision.
For all of our clients, we believe having a well-planned roadmap with an agreed estimate to be an important “phase” of project planning for achieving a successful outcome.

Contact us for an appointment to schedule an initial phone/Skype consultation to determine the scope of your project. After our meeting we will prepare an Estimate and email to you for your review and approval.
Creating a Time-line for delivering your print project is based on a number of factors and steps required to produce the full scope of your project. Each project is unique in itself. An estimated Time-line will be addressed in our Estimate.
Once we have an agreement to proceed based on your approval of the estimate, work plan and terms of the project we will begin the production of your project.


Pricing Guidelines

Your total print production/project cost from Project Planning to Final Deliverables is calculated on a number of combined standard and custom services you and/or Ah!Giclée may require to complete your project. Our prices are competitive with other professional giclée printers. We also offer incremental quantity breaks for larger print runs, and have various discount promotions throughout the year.

Pricing Formula

Project Planning & Estimating + Digital Imaging Services + Print Proofing Options + Printing Services* + Fabrication Services + Design & Art Consultation Services + Post Print Services = Ah!Experience.

*Printing costs are based on the substrate you choose and the final print size. Printing costs do not include Digital Imaging Services, Print Proofing Options, Fabrication, Design Consultation or Post Print Services.

Pricing Estimations
Fine Art Canvas & Paper Giclées: $17.00 – $20.00 per sq. ft.
Art Prints: $13.00 – $17.00 per sq. ft.
Commercial & Poster Prints: $10.50 – $15.00 per sq. ft.
With your print order you receive two free standard 8.5 x 11 proofs.
We offer sq. ft. price breaks depending on total sq. footage of the print run.
Before our Project Planning phone meeting we suggest you scan through Our Services,
Print Formats and Technology sections to familiarize yourself with our capabilities so we can answer any questions or offer suggestions to meet your project objectives.
Our goal is to try to accommodate you and accomplish an Ah! Experience.

Services Roadmap:

Digital Imaging

  • Art Copying
  • Digital Imaging Process

Print Proofing

  • What Does A Proof Show Us?
  • Standard Proof Formats
  • Proofing Variations
  • Match Print Proof

Fabrication Services

  • Print Mounting
  • Giclée Prints
  • Print Finishing

Design & Art Consultation

  • Exhibition and Specialty Prints
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Art Consultation

Post-Print Services

  • Archiving Files & Proofs
  • Copyrights & Approvals
  • Packaging Prints to Ship
  • Shipping