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Post Print Services

Once all the printing is completed we offer the following services for archiving our clients files and proofs; packaging art and shipping.


Archiving Files & Proofs

Ah!Giclée at no cost, will archive your digital files, proofs, and master match prints for up to 12 months for open editions – print on demand projects (POD). Archiving is for our client’s convenience so there is no need to return to us any digital files or print images each time a print is reordered. However, we do not store original art or inventory final print runs.
We maintain a standard to protect the rights of others’ copyrights. We require a written approval and authorization by the copyright owner for the right to reproduce their images; or an image must be copyright free according to copyright laws and guidelines found on the U.S. Copyright Office:


If we are archiving your materials we print only upon your request and must have your authorized personal signed approval prior to performing any production or printing functions. This is for your assurance and protection of your copyright.


Packaging Prints to Ship

Ah!Giclée will package your prints for shipping or pick-up at our studio. We package prints so they arrive in mint condition. Various methods of packaging are used depending on the product, the size, the format, and accounting for any shipping or “customs” requirements for domestic and international shipping.



For Domestic shipments we use United States Postal Service and UPS. For International Shipments we use UPS and FedEx. We can also provide special currier service for local deliveries, domestic and international shipping.