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Digital Imaging

Through experience, we found technical success is achieved through our Red Dot print standard.

• Project Planning

• Digital Capture & File Preparation

• Media / Substrate & Ink Compatibility

• Digital Inkjet Printing & Proofing

Art Copying

One of the most important steps in achieving a quality print begins with the quality of your digital capture of your original art and the preparation of your print file. The quality and size / resolution of the scan will determine the quality of both your proof and final print.


We highly recommend investing in professional digital capture. We can offer assistance in museum quality digital capture and conversion of original artwork and including artwork in other formats such as transparencies or original darkroom photographic prints.


Digital Capture

Capturing your original art in a digital format can be achieved a number of ways: Flatbed scanning, digital photography, and art or photography created originally in a digital format.


Digital Conversion

If you do not have the original art, but have a fine quality color transparency or darkroom originated print this can be converted into a digital file.


Digital File Editing

Once a high-quality digital file of the original artwork is created any Adobe Photoshop editing, retouching and including formatting the print layout is accomplished.