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Design & Art Consultation

Ah!Giclée offers professional design and consultation services for our client’s special print projects, including art consultation for niche markets.

Exhibition and Specialty Prints
This may include large format prints for Gallery Exhibitions or special interest groups wanting to create a limited edition collectible print poster.

Certificates of Authenticity (COA)
A COA is essential in the fine art market. They are often issued with original artwork and limited edition fine art giclee prints. They verify the authenticity of your original art or print.

Ah!Giclée offers designed formats for your COA that are both standard Ah!Giclée designed templates or custom designed to your specifications. With design we can also print your designed COA, or you can supply us a digital of with your own COA design to print on one of our standard Epson papers.
If we are contracted to print your limited edition giclee’s we can authenticate the COA and giclee with our embossed Ah!Giclée (Chop) Seal. We can design also your own personal (chop) seal and / or watermark for your COA’s or embossed seals for your limited edition giclees.

Art Consultation
We work with businesses and professionals in the interior and design trade who are seeking art / artists for their special print / art projects. See our Print Formats section for more information.

Giclée Print: Saber Cabinet Designer: Timothy Provencher

Giclée Print: Saber
Cabinet Designer: Timothy Provencher

“Thank You Ah!Giclée, I absolutely love the custom art you provided for my home.” – Timothy Provencher, Designer