Ah!Giclée Printmaking Boutique


Meet Our Founders

Long-time friends and colleagues Lynn Shook and Mark Wood are co-owners in Ah!GicléeTM Printmaking Boutique & Consultancy. Both are graduates of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and are practicing artists and designers with thirty-plus years of experience serving the professional visual arts industry.
Ah!Giclée’s market focus is the professional visual arts market supporting individuals, galleries, and companies that specialize in fine art, photography, graphic art, interior design, trade groups, and special-interest niche markets.
Lynn’s and Mark’s skills and expertise span these markets, having professionally participated as consultants, artists, designers, and in corporate executive management.


Lynn Shook

Working within the corporate and consulting worlds of product design and development, Lynn Shook bridged creativity with business. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Lynn started her career in NYC as a graphic designer. She later launched Shook & Co, a design firm, and then segued into executive management for global enterprises.
As a VP of Image Planning at Designworks/USA, an international product design consultancy, Lynn pioneered methodologies that forecast lifestyle and design trends, which led to innovative solutions in design applications and to the launch of high-profile global products. Image Planning was a design lab responsible for the future styling and specifications of BMW AG exterior / interior colors and materials, Nokia mobile phone fashion colors, and Siemens AG dental equipment.
As VP of Creative Development for Disney Publishing, Lynn supervised quality control for all US published art, editorial, and design development for Disney children’s books. Lynn then moved to Disney Interactive as acting VP of Product Development for Educational Publishing.
Lynn’s most recent position was in Chicago as the VP/GM managing a 250-million-dollar Enesco brand group. During her corporate career she travelled extensively to Europe and the Pacific Rim overseeing product design and development, quality control, and the marketing of major brands.
After leaving the corporate world, Lynn licensed her personal brand of home décor and art prints to manufacturers and publishers. She continues to consult, focusing her expertise on innovation strategies when working with Intersection, The Design Academy, and Charles Pelly Design.
Lynn Shook’s most recent professional adventure is a partnership with Mark Wood to produce Ah!Giclée, a printmaking boutique intended to serve professional visual arts markets, individual artists, and companies.
Lynn has two children, a son Ryan, a noted fine artist, and a daughter, Shawn, a director in marketing and communications, and four grandchildren. Lynn lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when she is not traveling, and has returned to creating personal artwork in acrylics and mixed media.
Scarlett, the next budding artist in the Shook family.

Mark Wood

Mark has pursued watercolor painting since 2000 and has studied extensively attending classes and workshops. His watercolors have been accepted in the San Diego Watercolor Society International Annual Exhibition and the Watercolor West Annual Exhibition. Mark is a member of Mid-Valley Arts League and served as President from 2008-10. He is a juried member of the Pasadena Society of Artists, Watercolor West, and Valley Watercolor Society. Various art organizations have invited Mark to judge their annual art exhibitions as well as assigning awards.
In 2003, Mark launched Fine Artists Factory (FAF), a drawing and painting studio, to support fellow fine artists and to pursue his own fine art career. During the fours years FAF was in Pasadena, he curated over 60 FAF gallery exhibitions and hosted more than 20 workshops with artists Scott Burdick, Robert Burridge, Dan Goozeé, Ernie Marjoram, Ted Nuttall, Charles Reid, Craig Srebnik, Joseph Stoddard, Brenda Swenson, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Frank Webb, and Eric Wiegardt.
In addition to attending and participating in FAF workshops, Mark has developed his drawing skills through weekly figure drawing sessions. Currently he is working in acrylic, creating colorful figurative paintings and landscape paintings that have a recognizable stylistic approach. Mark is a co-founder of Studio2310 located in Duarte California, where he paints with fellow Studio2310 artists. Mark has been on Metro Gold Line committees representing the city of Duarte. The committees were responsible for evaluating and choosing the artists to design the Duarte Gold Line Station and the Arcadia Gold Line Train Bridge.
A native Californian, Mark spent his grade school years in Napa and Thousand Oaks. He completed high school and junior college in the Birmingham, Michigan area. He has a BFA in Graphics/Packaging from Art Center College of Design. He has directed Mark Wood Design Office for over 25 years, producing marketing communication materials and branding for businesses throughout California.
Mark and his wife have resided in the San Gabriel Valley for the past 30 years with their two daughters who are now happily married.