April 1-30 Mythology by Lynn H. Shook

Ah!Giclee is Showcasing Lynn H.Shook’s Mythology Series of Illuminated Images inspired by Dante’s Inferno written by Dante’Alighieri in the early 1300’s. This series is available to purchase as Open Edition Miniature Giclee’s (Pigment Prints) throughout the month of April-2015.

The Mythology Series is an on-going collection of “illuminated images” inspired by classic literature with a spiritual or philosophical view of man’s quest for truth.

“The first collection in the Mythology Series are reproductions of the original renderings that interpret the illusory visions of Dante’s journey through Hell. This Inferno Series is not a depiction of brimstone and fire, but rather I created the images in classic black and white pencil techniques with a contemporary paired down interpretation of fusing Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau “aesthetics in styling”. This was a deliberate intent to capture Hell through the lens of these romantic movements in art history that is contrary or a juxtaposition between art and content to what one may expect.

To some the world we engage in is an illusory, impermanent, inner-sensory experience, a creation of one’s own mind in which even pleasurable desires and beauty can be addictive and sometimes turns in to “hellish” distortions in which the polarities of life are played out in the theater of existence.”

The first set of four prints will be Showcased April 1 and during the month of April Ah!Giclee will release three additional miniature pigment prints of the “Inferno”. During April, prints will be offered at a Special Showcase price.

To view her portfolio visit: AhStudioLynn.com

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